Friday, June 18, 2010

Of passing death

I wasn’t doing well the whole week. It was on a Wednesday that we received news that our friend/working colleague/my shopping fashion partner just passed away. I was more than in a state of shock, of immense sadness and pain which draws back to the moments where she was right beside me at work, playing a little dota and tossing naps in between. It was only last Saturday where she told me she’ll see me, to have fun at Zouk and expect her return from Tioman a little more. Who in the world can ever imagine such a tragic accident would happen to a little flower like her?

She was more than a friend - Just like she was to every one else. And I remembered one entry I wrote about Cherry’s want of a Jil Sanders’ pair of shoes that she would wear to work. And it wasn’t just that. An 07 pair that she was looking for, and also H&M items that she sent me so that I’d be able to pick them out when I’m in Hong Kong for her. It wasn’t in vain. I could relive the days that she was just there, being right beside, and at the next moment where she was happy settled in Tioman, her life was taken.

It didn’t take me more than a day to realise how fragile life was, that someone right next to you would be gone, that someone whom you’ve always wanted to have more life-talks about don’t get the opportunity to listen and convey anymore. She was such a cheerful girl, who made everyone feel a part of her when she left, made us to grow and became part of her amazing world. And it is nothing simple that I would ever forget. Before she left and her exact words of facebook I quote, “I don’t want to perish like a fading horse. Youth is like diamonds in the sun. And diamonds are forever.”

And there, the days I’ve been trying to fix myself within, and of many others who weeped over her passing… May all who mourn her loss be comforted. And, I miss you so much. It struck me this hard that you’ve left, forever and looking at how peaceful you were when I last saw your face before you were gone… That moment would be forever. And I will never forget. I love you Cherry.

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