Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All that food and walking

These were unorganized shots from days we spent in Toronto. We actually went to a Vietnamese Restaurant in Chinatown, Pho Hung which served delicious beef brisket, lean meat and beef balls soup. We loved it (As much as we went to Ho Chi Minh) and finished to the very last drop. Beer is also much cheaper here compared to home, and every meal we find ourselves drinking different types of beer. I loved every occasion and dinner. We wounded up at Beer Bistro in the corner of King Street East at Yonge Street, ordered Potato Skins with white beer smoked salmon to-share, 3 sets of Mussel Bowls, and a Hog Wild Pizza with berkshire pork, smoked sausage beer-cured bacon, oregano, mozzarella and garlic confit. It was so fun chatting over dinner with the recommended pairings of beer that we left for home in a happy daze. It’s nothing fancy, just an open concept kitchen and a range of draft taps at the bar. 

We hate to do our sheets in the morning, especially on a white-linen bed. It seemed like what room-service should do, but it was a service apartment and none of us bothered to (Because messy is always being comfortable). I dragged Jun down with me to grab some nail polishes and my first time making a purchase at Sephora. Syu recommended me NARS Blusher (Orgasm) and it’s really great. I loved it. If you ever come to Toronto, these are the places you should visit (And a post on CN Tower soon).

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