Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park

That was where we were today. If you stood in the middle of the suspension bridge, the views from both sides were amazing. You’d feel like you’ve trekked a long way to pretty running water, but actually you were just busy taking pictures. I should have brought the other lens, and I wouldn’t want to see the pictures yet. There’s no grizzly bears though, if you were wondering. 

Yesterday, we hopped into Ross and I found Steve Madden shoes. Then I picked up another fleece (60 by 50) to be sewed into miscellaneous things. Gwen’s my angel - She just did a pillow case for Jun, a small pillow case for me and I requested one as a camera pouch. I picked up another pair of Jessica Simpson at TJ’s and remembered how I thrifted a belt at only 1.50 CAD a few days back before having lunch at Mondos. The good times are soon about to end, then my uni years and then unemployment. 

I came across some work from a friend and I’ve seen how much passion she has since put into photography from what used to be leisure. I am truly inspired and happy, I will always be. 

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