Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Days in Niagara, Ontario

The falls view from our suite

A few snippets of our 3 days spent in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It was nonetheless filled with fun and very jet-lagged days. The same fatigue that hits every one of us at 8pm have been overcame since. We’re living our days, just like that. It’s love that brings us close together like that, definitely not pleasure and when defined, it is when you know more than the surface about the person, and the person knows more than the surface about you. I have a thing with people and buildings and images like these always appear so perfect in my imagination. These places I’ve visited are so crisp and overwhelming and it’s so hard to try to describe it. 

We had too much insanely good food that they send a sick punch to my stomach telling my intake had hit its maximum capacity. Every night I go to bed feeling as large as a whale while I roll up and sleep, looking at the little tummy appearing bigger as I lay. Last night, we had dinner at CN Tower - The world’s tallest tower at 360 revolving restaurant. The view was breathtaking while having our meal, for starters, appetizers, main course and dessert. I ordered a Tomato Gazpacho, Escargots with Crimini Mushrooms in roasted garlic, onions, bacon and cherry tomatoes with black pepper, Slow roasted Canadian Prime Ribs and a Maple Walnut Roulade with Candied Walnut Meringue. Everything tasted amazing, and the only thing that probably stopped me from feeling rich in dinner, could only be my stomach. Summer vegetables served with the ribs were so fine I can feel every bite through them, and if the world were to end I’d probably die with the luckiest moment in my life, to sit through the most exhilarating view served with a perfect dinner. 

True indeed.

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