Friday, June 24, 2011

Eat-Vancouver World Culinary Travel Expo


Eat-Vancouver World Culinary Travel Expo and Wine and Beer Tasting (10-12 June)

The Convention Centre was definitely cooking up a storm, and there was so much food to sample and buy that you’ll be too sad to miss anything out. We loved the cheese. It went, “What was that smell?" Then we saw a queue, we had to jump in. There was pasta, grilled salmon, cheese, mushrooms, ice-cream, sodas, pizzas, chips, soup and so much more variety of food from all around the world that they’ve got to offer. The highlight of the fair was definitely the wine and beer tasting. I left feeling light-headed from all that mix, but every difference in between was worth it. If you have a chance, try Sauvignon Blanc of Painted Turtle. A regular bottle should approximately cost you about 9 CAD in liquor stores.  

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