Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hope and Faith

4 years in Information Technology had ingrained the semaphore of computing, yet I find my mediocre knowledge insufficient to go deeper into what had been taught and practiced. Then again, will I ever venture out of this zone that I was once not interested in? 3 years ago, I wasn’t certain on where I might be, or might end up doing. So I narrowed my choices - I lied to myself that I was comfortable when I clearly wasn’t. I had a past, and that was naive. I chose to list the factors that changed me - My perception, the people that came in and the new beauty of life.

Of course, the growing up wasn’t easy, where an inebriated person would prove less infuriating. We spend more time trying to build this invisible social wall, but back home it’s another side of the person that no one would bound to see. You give promises your whole life, building castles in the air and most importantly, got hurt in one way or the other. As much as we’d love to stay, we’d yearn to be away. Away in places that the sky is capable of holding it’s light to 9 in the night during Summer, away in places that we will ever dream of. Because we are men, and man runs away from everything. This life offers no panaceas, only new grounds for hope and action. 

Re-reading Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith, an incredible read. “Will you do my eulogy?" I asked.

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