Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lamb Souvlaki, Soup and Burgers

Captain George’s Taverna Restaurant, Steveston Village, Richmond

If you’ve followed me on twitter - A week ago I talked about how I just had the perfect Greek lunch. The lamb souvlaki was perfectly grilled with their lemon potato and special sauce that was baked to the finest touch. Of course with their salad and feta cheese that I had to finish.

We also got around to Granville Island for some soup and market shopping. Back to having the pot pie we were craving for, and there was a stall called “The Stock Market" which was pretty cool since they sell soup, stock and sauces. I had a Shepard’s Pie, Gwen and Jun had burgers - Cajun and Mexicali. I ended up walking around the stores again and got myself (another) journal from Paper-ya, which was great. 2 years ago I got a similar one that I gifted to my sister and actually took it back. (Oops) 

I hope you enjoyed your Summer so far. #HAGS

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