Friday, June 17, 2011


Last night was one of my feeble attempts in making you feel more powered than you already are. I regretted, so I digress. I crossed a few reads off the net, and the different ideas and perceptions of love people have. I simply cannot fathom what love is, that sometimes I cannot even write, with blanks and beauty. It is the notion that sparks – to every single love, how one reciprocates with each giving, and how one measures its sustainability in one’s relationship. I am definitely not a love guru, that none of these advice matters, what matters most is knowing what you’ve been brewing in a relationship is not what you’ve been dreaming with a broken heart.

Love matters. It is a feeling, often invites misconceptions, which possibly drives the entire world. To our dear family, partner and friends – It may be one that we are not proud of giving, of showing how we care that puts the world in disgust, it is a much valid attempt to dismiss negativity which are often amplified in such relationships. Contrary to ones who feel as though their relationships pale in comparison to others, and by that, is not a measurement of love. There is no Do’s or Don’ts when we generalize the acts of Love. It is our different way of giving, of articulating, of expressing our liberties to anyone anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: This is not a piece of professional advice. Just some 2 cents worth.

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