Saturday, June 18, 2011

Severe hit and run, on the head.

There was a subtle jump from the social, to the ordinary. My days here I’ve spent thinking about how much time and expenses I’ve spent on countless of useless things (Define useless: Alcohol on a social night without food that is paired, or impulse buys that I will never wear) Only when you’ve tasted decent food and wine would you realize how perfect they go together. There were the lost days, days I fall into the limbo of uncertainty, where my thoughts get frozen in time, shaping my imperfections, maybe unassailable truths. I’m home sick. It is the primary reason why I’m unable to get involved in other countries – My cheerful sweet grandmother, always-supportive mother and my sister who had always been there. Negativity in relationships shouldn’t be amplified; instead they should cease and be filled with forgiveness and love.

Last week, his family and I attended a wine and beer tasting session in Vancouver. I came across a sign that read, “Life’s too short to drink bad wine.” How true. Wine is just an application, but Life’s too short to do anything that makes one unhappy – But we always do. We want too much from life when we barely gave our all. Sometimes I feel suppressed from my thoughts, devastated for the lack of a better word. But I’ll never be able to figure myself out, only in time I will. Because deep inside, we’re all big on happy endings.

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