Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday Market

2 weeks ago, we took a walk around the Sunday Market at Steveston Village. They were selling handcrafts, groceries, accessories, pastries, cooked food and clothes… We bought a cinnamon bun from a lovely girl. There was a lemonade stall right next to it that serves freshly squeezed juice, but I was too full from Mondo’s burger that we had for lunch. We’ve walked past the Brick Oven Bread store a few times but they were usually closed, but I finally managed to take pictures of the traditional brick oven and a very friendly chef and owner. These morning walks have been lovely so far, and I love shooting bits and pieces off everything everywhere. It’s so hard for me to organize them into folders and I probably have countless of unnecessary shutter counts anyway.

There was also an exhibit of a wide collection of vintage cars while we were on the way back, so we decided to stop by to take a look and hitch some images for a ride. The car owners are actually very friendly, some even friends and these cars are actually up for sale. My personal favorites are actually the Pontiac GTO with a v8 engine and the Viper RT 10. There’s also the yellow Chevvy P.U (Pick Up), class 6 from year 1950 with perfect chrome finishes on its engines. I began snapping away, and a few other cars and their interiors, with my heart palpitating… I never knew one would find such (joy) in admiring these vintage things. My appreciation for cars have developed quite a bit over the years, more than what I first started out with zilch knowledge of anything.

I also bumped into a friend while on my way to develop some photos this morning, and I know how my face shows the obvious weight gain that I’ve put on over the past month with all those nasty food. I wish I could rip the excess apart, but right now I’d just have to bear with my fat face (It’s almost round) and try to work out more when this hideous flu leaves me. 

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