Monday, June 6, 2011

Toronto, Canada

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Niagara falls had been amazing. The falls were as though timely pieces were being carved intricately from a piece of rock, with freezing mists that concur with gusts of wind. The falls have so much history and beauty that it was almost heartbreakingly perfect to stand there and watch. It was almost a dream to be there to see it - A juxtaposition of a perfect picture. We met a friend on a foreign land, had drinks and talked from ten. We unequivocally agree that it is such a pleasure to be there, and never want to leave, that life in Canada or the States can be much happier than life in Singapore. (Can, not will)

It is a demand that we make, but this settles it. Isn’t it always better to strive and work for what you deserve? We spent a lot of time here, having a whole lot of joy, awesome service staff, trying our luck in the casino and not even trying to be happy. We are used to tend first to one’s paramount needs, authentically stand up for oneself yet find ourselves unhappy 80% of the time. The proliferation of our Gen-Y youths and their believes have increased over the years, and perspective of life falters, thus change. We fear of inadequacy, comparison and loss of common findings amongst friends. This testifies to our need of aspirations beyond our power. But amongst all these desperate pleas, I found happiness in the present. 

Downtown Toronto, CA and Niagara Falls, ON

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