Thursday, June 2, 2011

Words from Beijing

Greetings from Beijing! I’m actually at the gate waiting for my 13 hours flight to Toronto and I’m supposed to board in about an hour… My flight to Beijing from Singapore was awesome, finished all food on board, Jy stole my cheese, managed to watch 50 mins of “The Adjustment Bureau” and it was a pity how I couldn’t finish it because I kept dozing off in between. But last night, my friends and I caught “The Hangover 2” and “X-men First Class” back to back before we left for our flight. I didn’t manage to change RMB so I ended up using HKD to purchase my food at BCIA.

Then again it’s the last time I’m going to tell myself what is going to stop and what should stop eating my head, that after this everything is going to be over. That’s that. I made a bunch of lovely friends while waiting at the airport trying to gain access to BCIA’s free wifi access, which reminds me of one of my friend’s tumblr - Timelystrangers - A pretty good read I must say. He’s actually been helping me through the quiet and empty nights. I’ll see you all in Toronto, have a great week.

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