Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Pizzas

Making such fine and tasty pizzas must have been Jy’s best kept secret in these years. He surprised us with these freshly home-baked pizzas from the oven, each and every single one his genuine creation. I took every slice in awe, and it feels like I’ve tasted second-best. Sometimes in life, as we try and we fail miserably (Just like cooking, like baking), we try again to fine-tune and perfect its imperfections. He did. For many times he tried, the pizzas that he made didn’t work out this well. 

Philly Cheese Beef Steak with Ruffles Pizza (2nd Image) tasted the best and nothing tops its flavor. I was kicking the tiles when I knew I had to go for the 2nd thin-crusted serving. These impressive dishes that he whipped up over the past few months based on his Italian speciality downscaled my expenses on average pastas - even if it means having to give up beer at Timbre and their recommended duck pizza. These pizzas (per serving) serves approximately 3 ravenously hungry people, and the final taste dangles until the very last second. 

It would be unfair not to write about Jy and the list of comfort food that he could come up with. Last night while I was in the shower, the scent of home-cooked fried rice permeated through the cracks of the door. It tasted more than deserving, and I remembered how we woke up every morning to, “Only the one who loves you, care.” I do. My term’s starting, and we haven’t had a lot of time to everything since we got back. But we will swing right back on track - On food, leisure and life.

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