Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leanne in Singapore

Leanne spent the whole month travelling, training and racing for her races all over the world, including 2 days travelling from Montpellier to Paris to Frankfurt to Singapore. So… I picked her up from her hotel, brought her to Marina Bay and coincidentally bumped into Donavan. It feels… Different. I haven’t been there since National Day last year, the shoppes have opened, new bistros have been set up… There’s actually quite a few pit-stops that I’ve drafted out in my head, along Sentosa Boardwalk and Marina Bay. This urge never seemed to go away.

I love my mom. She accompanied Leanne and I take these walks, drove us to Ghim Moh Market for some durians (I personally don’t like the unique taste of it) but tried it anyway. Leanne crashed the chalet that Alex and Ling Yi organized at Costa Sands and it was a pity how we had to leave early though… I could see the better and tastier food at the back uncooked and unserved. Besides driving from the West to East and East to West for 4 trips yesterday, everything else was pretty worth it. 

This year feels pretty new and different. I made new friends, a new beginning to my University life. I don’t know how I’m going to fare in school, but good news is that I’ve successfully bidded for 2 additional core modules on top of my 2 pre-allocated ones.

Last year, Jun and I were still in the midst of going through his army, now we’re in the midst of struggling to have similar free-time to see each other (again). Last night, Tilda and Jotham went to The Denim Store at Mandarin Gallery and picked out a pair of jeans for Elvin, the birthday boy. We celebrated at Cacio e Pepe (Now relocated at 3 Chu Lin Road, previously 4 Rochdale Road). I felt happy knowing how everybody is still together, how nothing really changed, and happy that we’re all genuinely happy inside. I don’t ever want this to go away.

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