Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mojitos and Magazines

"A man buried his wife. At the graveside he stood by the Reb, tears falling down his face. 

'I loved her,' he whispered.
The Reb nodded.
'I mean… I really loved her.'
The man broke down.
'And… I almost told her once.'
The Reb looked at me sadly.

'Nothing haunts like the things we don't say.'” - Have a little Faith.

I have… Reached a point in life where my friends would be leaving, and the memories that we’ve once shared together was magical. There was once I said, “If I were to thank God, 3 of you will be one of the few things that I’d thank Him for." I was overwhelmed with my words I started writing the things I am actually thankful for, taking baby steps to the contentment in life

I spent a part of my Sunday being a part of Jy’s passion - Watched him at work for a little while… The remaining I tried designing a site that spun out of my expectations. It was such a messy process. My camp’s confirmation details finally arrived in my mail yesterday but I was less than delightful to check it out. 

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