Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Never back on

I was mentally challenged in a span of 5 days. I relocated my readings and skipped from book to book, scraped a sample paper off the net and tried to comprehend the highest level of attainment. I am lashing out without the slightest clue, why. I juggled with all types of work, allocated time for gym, consumed healthy food and struggled with thoughts and their ubiquitous presence. 

I’ve also been too inspired lately that any story with regards to “Faith”, “Life Challenges" or even "Hope" that proves this divine existence in the beauty of life - Some might convince otherwise. We were good and had our stage, but sometimes it’s a little too late to look back and realize it was the good that drew us apart. I’ll be meeting my ex-teammates and coach for a dinner later, and now’s probably a great time.

Anyway, there is something I thought it’d be nice to share… 

I am the Pope

"According to one old story, the English mathematician and philosopher A N Whitehead was once challenged to demonstrate that one can prove anything using contradictory premises. ‘Starting from the premise that four equals three, prove that you are the Pope,’ he was asked.

‘Easy!’ Whitehead replied. ‘Four equals three; subtract two from each side; then two equals one. It is commonly known that the Pope and I are two people. Therefore the Pope and I are one.’”

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