Friday, August 12, 2011

Con-done (To overlook)

Matilda xx

Summer froze at a good time - Lectures have started and our days have never gotten busier. It feels like a matter of weeding out better social options but it was supposed to be a relaxed affair with perplexed and perused readings. I secretly wished I had enough time to continue working part-time to fund my never ending on-line expenses, regardless. Other than that, I’ve been trying to restrain and hopefully this temptation will cease. 

I thought, 20 years is a long time to think through anything. Everything that happened in my life had been a coincidence, or I worked really hard and prayed for a miracle - so far. A friend told me about the newer generations, XYZ I can’t make out of; we are actually making an effort and a greater commitment to be together and to see through marriage and after. 

In a relationship, we get tangled in struggles, in fights that will suffice. Sometimes they rake you skin deep, sometimes you struggle to stay afloat. Another friend of mine got looped out of a 3 year odd relationship, and it’s natural to feel sad. These issues ain’t anything you could just throw away or lash your anger out on - These 3 years, there had been many incredible and amazing milestones that became a part of my life; a life-changing journey. So… I can’t imagine 3 years with anyone else except Jy, the only man who would love me the way I am.

And that’s what love is (almost) about, isn’t it? And your flaws?

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