Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends, and Families

This happens when I take a little time off work and studies to catch up on Family. These years, we’ve regarded them more than a friend, treated them as Family and the companion had never been more amazing. They are, my inspiration to everything. The steamboat gathering had been heartwarming, especially when you’re seated at a table with familiar faces, with no trouble of feeling awkward, and mixing Casey’s home-made Chicken Rice Chilli together in our bowl of sauce - It never felt more like home. 

Today during morning lecture, my mom whatsapped me if I needed the car for school next Tuesday. I told her it’s fine, I’ll take a bus within school compounds (Even if it means taking a shuttle from Computing to Science and being late for lecture) she worries, I said it’s okay. She texted me that she loved me, and gave me a kiss “Muak" - Her exact words I quote. I told her I love her too and taught her xoxo (hugs and kisses) and she learnt a new phrase. Xoxo my dear. #LGMH

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