Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy - Singapore Seafood Republic

A hand made card drawn by yours truly xx

If you have been around, you might be reading too much on my friends, on Jy and a little less about my family. My family is a gem to me, though technology seemed keep us more occupied with our personal work (I’m studying technology by the way - cliche), there’s still a lot that we can talk about over meals, and long trips in the car in the middle of a jam. So… I have too much work in University, we focus too much on our computers more than 8 hours a day - With programming, research, tutorials… But nothing’s more important than celebrating the loveliest lady’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mummy.

No matter where I am… There’s always a never ending long list of work to clear, and now that it’s September, there is a queue of birthdays lined up later in the month. More advice from the current University undergraduates - mid-terms are only less than a month away and we’ve barely started on our assignments due soon, yet. My study tables are in such a mess, sometimes I don’t know what I’m hiding between those books anymore…

My current favorite song on replay is No Ceiling by Eddie Vedder, by the way. Tell me if you like it too. Have a great weekend!

P.S - Dishes in order (Appetiser - A cha, Tofu Skin with Mushrooms(Not Captured), Kang Kong, Fried You Tiao with Cuttlefish Paste, Deer Meat with Spring Onions, Singapore Style Chilli Crab, Fried Mini Buns) Almost sensational. 

Located at a quiet area with great ambiance.
26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-292, Waterfront,
Resorts World Sentosa Singapore 098138 

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