Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Too fast

I take a serving of each, in any buffet that I go for, eating and drinking, walking and talking… We may not eat its worth, but small simple servings can approximately serve up to a 12-course (or even more) meal. I always start with sashimi, and end with a whole load of dessert with a cup of hot coffee. I loved the duck and beef in red wine sauce especially… 

I went out alone 2 days ago and dumped a lot of comfort food ingredients into my grocery basket, planning to cook them whenever I’m free - Gwen cooked Minced Beef Tomato Sauce for me last night while they had Home Cooked Flower Crab and Hokkien Mee with Prawns. Today I walked along the Baking section and got some baking needs… Everything in life is so fast-paced, can Autumn wait?

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