Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vanessa's 21st

Summer is almost passing, but I just want to come in here and write to give a heads up. Last Saturday I spent the entire day shopping for gifts, bearing gifts and going for two 21st birthday celebrations. It would also be my last time seeing Kenneth (Possibly) before he leaves for the States next Tuesday. This had been the longest time he probably stayed back in Singapore so far, and will be gone for quite some time again. But these friends (Clarence, Kenneth, Ben, Jue Yi) have been sticking around since. 

School’s been so crazy and it’s only the fifth week. It makes me feel like booking another vacation on a whim. Every night I decide I should wake up in the morning, and I get up, without feeling more inspired than the previous day and decide if it’s OK to feel OK throughout the day. When this blog started, I used to be hanging out a lot, with friends, catching up with life… Now I’m cooped up in Uni, ready to get into my early-twenties kicks. How have you been?

P.S. Sorry for the out of focus/blurry images…

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