Saturday, November 19, 2011

Long gone.

The realization when reality hits you in the face, the pain that you’ve been feeding off the past few weeks would soon be long gone. The ache that serves as a constant reminder that you’re still alive, every single day. It’s not over. 

You try to seek motivation like a needle in the haystack, watch the raindrops hit the pavements as you forgot how it feels like, to be caught in an embrace, and an embrace of love, faith, and humanity. You press on for the good hurt, while the 4am nightmares continue to squeeze you dry. When procrastination and stress interludes for a brief moment, struggles you fight off to keep you sane, tomorrow will be better you say. Tomorrow, things might be different. 

Your tears have mixed with the hot tea you’ve set. You drew a large breath of the monsoon air. You took a seat by the balcony amidst the sunset. You look at the empty seat in front of you. What have changed? 

You found that you’ve felt your own heart to set his free. 

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