Saturday, February 25, 2012

About being in love with life

I… Officially gave up trying to find time to celebrate my birthday this year. Quiet weekends with nothing in mind would suffice.

Sometimes we would gleam vicarious pleasure from the struggles or through the lives of other living beings, and tend to overlook our own. We forgot how being 21 is just a fraction of a whole life we have, to live rightfully and dutifully, working on every thing we document. We all have pasts that inflict painful thoughts, we tend to self-loathe… But we forget, that that memory isn’t about subtle curves or pale skin and delicate bones. We only have one chance, and a moment. That moment that you stole glances from, that moment that you let opportunity slip you by, that moment that you made your choice, and that moment when you’ve decided to walk away from our lives, forever.

What is your moment?

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