Saturday, February 18, 2012

No new diet

Eggs too, for two. 

In life, we tend to destroy something beautiful all the time. Something that was right in front of you, something that worked out, something that you thought you could keep for almost forever, something that you find special between friends, or something you dreamt that made you wake up feeling good about. I remembered how I used to set goals for myself in between school breaks, write them down in my diary hoping I’d complete them. For the past few years, I did. Tonight I did no different. I synced my to-do list on my Mac together with my iPhone hoping it would prompt me tomorrow, to keep me right on track. 

My handwritten journal had gone dry with all the ink. I hardly find space in it anymore. My readings have slowed in pace… Recess week ahead will be filled with research and completion of projects. I wished I had mid-terms to study for now, instead. So… This weekend I spent my time being sick. The last time I came down with a temperature was a week before finals last semester. Now ite27s bugging me again.

It’s 11.40 in the night and I have sudden cravings for tacos and cous cous salad. That’s bad. May, you should make your way here soon. 

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