Thursday, March 22, 2012


Chicken breast with cauliflower, tofu, minced meat, egg and spring onions. Do I have a name for it?

Blame home. 

I’ve been having turgid incoherent thoughts recently… I can’t seem to pinpoint what I want to say, or what I exactly have to do. So… Most of my major assignments have been cleared, 2 more due next week and another site due in mid April. I was in the gym running today, and I thought about parallels. It was how the funniest opposites attract, how large complements the small, and how buildings actually make cars look miniature from the birds’ eye view. Can you comprehend? 

I’ve been dying to use the Sardina… But there is no apparent occasion for me to use it, yet. Bro’s coming back the following weekend, and I haven’t exactly planned where to go, yet some of my friend’s have already confirmed placements in summer school. I barely keep myself updated with school - Once I’m done with school curriculum, I just want to head home or gym to crash. 

I just wanna say… I’m glad I went to the gym in the noon today. It was quiet and productive nonetheless. I felt amazing. 

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