Sunday, March 4, 2012

The weekend birthday

The people whom you love and loves you, matters. 

Most importantly, thank you everyone whom made this 21st such a pleasant surprise. March being another completely awesome month, swamped with back to back assignments and presentations that have yet to be completed. It was heartwarming to see all their delighted faces, and the lengths that my family and friends would go just to see me happy. There is so much gratitude for me to share, and I just want to say that, indeed I’ve been a very happy girl. No one can take those moments away from me. 

Last night, Just surprised me with a gift that made me cry. I honestly thought my birthday gift was the bag that he gifted me, and I bought his story. But no. He opened the gift and told me “Happy birthday dear.” I dived into tears. I never expected such a gift to come from him, something that I really wanted to get for myself. I am so thankful and blessed to be loved by someone who would go all lengths just to see me happy. 

With love.

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