Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Of superflydom

The always concerned brother who never fails to strike a conversation with anyone he thought he’d drifted from. The last recent memory I had with him was when we had frog leg porridge at Geylang together, sent me home, talked about our partners and breaking apart. He had such splendid personality that somehow cracked everyone up. His voice still ringing in my head, “Mei, you sure about that?" He said. One of the first few friends I made when I entered Sports School, almost like a big brother. 

He was a legend, a legend in his runs, a legend in his work, and a legend in the course of duty while serving the nation. He was such a hero. His more recent conversations made over twitter, bbms and outside zouk… I could hardly make out that this beautiful life he has ahead of him would be taken away. I remembered how he never failed to fight till the end, the random high knee lifts I see while having morning training on the track, and the old nickname “Dirty Old Man”. He replied me on twitter, “Ahhaa, the way you call him old man…" It stings a little, and triggers these memories. 

It dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to hear him call “Mei" anymore. He has made an impact in our lives in his own special way, one way or the other, and let us in to become part of his superfly world. We will never forget his accomplishments, his legacies, and what he have left behind for all of us to mourn over - The perfect memory of him. 

My heart goes out to his family and all of us whom held him close to our hearts. You have left us to remember how awesome you were around people - Left bits and pieces with us of you to keep you behind. That glory, that moment, lasts forever. I love you Dom. 

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