Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Dad

So much thoughts and calories to process in 4 days. My dad came back for a business meeting and we spent the remaining days having breakfast, brunch, high tea, desserts, ice-cream and more calorie-taxing food. I had a long day at work this week, went to gym class twice for cardio shape and yoga stretch (yin yoga) and did not just buy myself a pair of shoes on impulse. (The after sales process of telling myself that I’ll find occasions to wear it) It was on sale! 

In no respective order, I bought bread and made milo before work in the morning, before gym class. We also had cakes and macaroons from bakerzin, pepperi chicken with tomato and carrot puree and sliced potatoes from olio cafe and persienne all-day from wild honey (french toast). We settled at BQ Korean for dinner at one street after China Street too. The time spent together though short, was amazing. My hair has grown longer too!

It’s all about directions. All you need is a direction, quote dad. 

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