Monday, May 21, 2012

The amazing weekend

Featuring Autumn Bunnies upcoming collection this Thursday, 24th May 2012! 

This weekend was one of the busiest weekend of the month. I spent my entire Friday spring cleaning my room, re-arranging the furnitures and trashed a stash of what seemed like my childhood memories. My dad is back for a business meeting, the familiar MI faces celebrated Sarah’s 21st at her residence, and I had dim sum and high tea with my parents at No Signboard Seafood and Bakerzin after. I’m finally (very slow indeed) having my 100Mbps internet speed at the end of the month. 

Not forgetting Justin being so tolerant with all my weird attitude and behaviors - And spend 3 hours walking around just to find something that really satisfies me (Rum balls from Subway Niche) and a new found love at Paper Market and Typo for abstract artwork and crafts. I forsee a hectic week at work ahead :)

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