Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The bunny trade

Suede Accent Lookbook for Autumn Bunnies. Be sure to check them out on the 9th May, 9PM sharp!

It has gotten to a wild start, and one day I will figure it all out. The past week was intense, a week of turmoil I’d put it. I’m pretty fed up about cutting my losses, and it comes to a point where I’ve cut too much I start cutting people off - People whom I was once close to, people whom I’ve always believed right from the start that these were the friendships that were worth investing in. It’s nice to finally feel real, when reality sets in - It reminds me of a hurt I can’t exactly pin-point. “You always see the good in people, but you don’t see how much they’ll hurt you in the end." That’s my flaw, isn’t it? 

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