Monday, June 25, 2012

Genting with family

2 weeks ago, I took 3 days off and headed to Genting with my mom and grammy (at the same time, missing 3 birthdays over the weekend). This trip was really different - The adults spent almost all their time in the casinos, I did too. But at the same time I slept more, ate more, watched more TV, read more books - Joyce said it means taking a break from everything, it means no internet, no data and no connection. 

As a being, there is so much that I am inspired by, so much that I would love to accomplish within this holidays (almost the last I’ll ever enjoy in my uni life) but I… Ended up with a part time job and now that I’m taking a week’s break from it, staying at home trying to come up with something productive is almost sucking me dry.

Travels are good as far as the memories leave you. It gets addictive, it starts you saving, and it is the window and the first baby step to almost everything. 

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