Sunday, June 3, 2012

If you dream, dream big.

It’s been a long time, and I actually met my primary school friend at the same place that I’m currently working part-time at. It really is a small world. So one day, we decided to meet for lunch at Crystal Jade and settled for their 拉面, and time and again I’m still back for the one served with beef. 

Last night, Justin and I laid in bed with 2 pints of Erdinger, watching an old movie, Flipped, starred in 2010. I found it amazing and perfect for a bed-time show, although it seemed a little complicated at first, but I found myself falling in love with it towards the end, the words they used, and how their lives were perfectly in sync with one another. 

Juli Baker: I guess it’s something about his eyes or maybe his smile. 
Richard Baker: And what about him? 
Juli Baker: What? 
Richard Baker: You have to look at the whole landscape. 
Juli Baker: What does that mean? 
Richard Baker: A painting is more then the sum of it’s parts. A cow by itself is just A cow. A meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun picking through the trees, is just a beam of light. But you put them all together and it can be magic. 

It’s true. More often than not, we neglect the whole landscape, the whole picture. Now it seems to fall into place. I used to think I’m a trouble, especially at work, especially when I’m new with or to something. But someone told me, as long as you put your heart into learning, you amaze yourself with the results and it will do wonders. Last Thursday, I amazed myself. I ended my day truly happy despite waking up early in the morning to attempt 15 mins at the gym. It was worth it. 

Chet Duncan: Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss; but every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare. 

I loved this film. If you’re reading this, watch it. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do, too.

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