Friday, July 27, 2012

Da Paolo and 1-Caramel at Rochester

The awwwsome MI friends I’ve made during the first three months and my less than overused bag which I bought from Paul’s Boutique last month. Jasmine’s back from Sydney - That explains our annual get together from a long day to a long night. It was all worth it. 

Sherman decided we should dine at Da Paolo at One Rochester, Jasmine made reservations for 6 the next minute and poof, our date was set. Everyone else ordered Wagyu Beef Burger, Jasmine ordered its Thin Crust Crab Pizza and I had a Roasted Organic French Chicken. The portions were just right for an empty stomach to be filled, and I loved the taste of my chicken, it wasn’t too tough or over-grilled and the wagyu for the burger was perfect. 

I had to bring them to try the Strawberry Shortcake at 1-Caramel though, after Fang Joyce Pearl and Justin bought it for my birthday. It was waaayyy too yum. When we walked over at 10, we did get the last slice to share. They also ordered the Alaskan Crab, together with some other desserts that I forgot because everyone’s second stomach for desserts were screaming with hunger. 

I love them all and I love them all the same. To our 5 years of friendship :) 

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