Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy times on a Friday night

What else do I ask for? These favorite friends who had always been there in times of sorrow, in times of comfort and in many counts of fun. We spent our Saturday night at Ivan’s apartment poppin’ champagne, wine and beer till everyone left happy. I love quiet and happy nights like these, where you don’t even have to try to hide how you actually feel. I love this intimate feeling. 

My pretty hippie nails perfectly done by Juju’s sister after I bought my China Glaze today. In total excitement for pretty nails! And some pretty awesome kick ass food I made for myself 2 weeks back - Poached egg with ham and cheese :) I’m on instagram here

I had an unhealthy week with a sudden craving for potato chips - guilty as charged. But I love Sundays because I get to spend quality time with juju! We wake up, have lunch, walk the dog, have dinner, watch tv until he has to leave :( But we always wake up late enough to miss Korean lunches… 

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