Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Live change

It’s been almost a year of good change, and I still like to photograph visuals that speak volumes from our memories. In a year, my life have slowly grown to take a new turn – Things that I have been so used to doing within the 4 years, now spent apart, and seeing people and things who matter from a different light. I used to be afraid of documenting this new journey, and words that I am unable to find my fingers on the keyboard, words that fear change.

These bad fears have now dissolved with the pouring rain, and one day, I’ll be excited to write about what this new beginning brings. Things were tough initially, especially the letting go. But the friends that hung on, the family that never walked away from dark nights and everyone else who played a part in making this whole period better. My mom, my sister, my cousins and friends who find joy in making a friend with Justin, takes these fears away.

It was those memories that lingered on for seconds before it let go. It was about taking advantage of the vantage points in life that helps you when you lose some, to gain some. It was, when I saw how he would go through all lengths, just to see me happy. It was about me, then about him. Those were the fleeting moments of joy.

Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks!

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