Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poly friends then and now

The last shot to end the happy night at Overtime.

We met 4 years ago. We were in the same class, we shared the same bond, shared good and bad memories together, and memories that would probably take a lifetime to forget. Till today, we talk about the funny drunk moments on the wine bottle, the games we used to play, the after school impromptu adventures we used to have, and everything else that I couldn’t possibly sum up these 3 years spent together. 

Those years were worth our youth. Here we are, 4 years had passed, talking about what changed in our lives, talking about our future. Thunderclouds then grazed the roof above us with lashing rain that soaked the streets. We sat there, in the midst of the pouring rain, pouring our hearts out. They say, “You will never stop at one beer." It’s true, we didn’t. And we had a great time. 

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