Monday, July 2, 2012

Universal Studios and some updates

Just in case you’re wondering what I’ve been doing lately, I’ve taken almost 2 weeks hiatus off from work to go for the upcoming computing freshmen orientation week pre-camp, packing for Hong Kong, and trying to complete a new project on hand. Tuition resumes this week, selecting modules for next semester and still trying to find motivation within. I’ve been putting off my motivation in my sleep. 

It’s weird how I haven’t been exercising lately, or going to the gym - The lack of motivation for everything that has been constantly eating the stale air in my room… I also signed up for 10KM SAFRA Army Half Marathon last Sunday on the 9th September to run with Justin, and my very inspiring sister running 21KM Women’s Open with her friends. I lack her mental courage and discipline. 

3 weeks ago, I purchased Canon S100 (Previously used my sister’s S95) from the IT fair and I loved it since. Been using less of my Nikon, everyone around me has been upgrading… I’m trying to stick, especially when I know I have lesser time to commit. Photos from the recent few entries have been shot by the S100 :) I hope you’ll have a great week ahead! 

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