Monday, August 13, 2012

About the body

I’m almost late for lunch but I’m still on my yoga mat in a grasshopper position trying to relate my thoughts to whoever that might be reading this space. My Asian marketing module exam falls on Juju’s birthday on the 12th of November, while I’m already going crazy thinking of what to do for that weekend, it just got replaced with “to study for asian marketing”. I get such occasions when I’m in Uni, alot in fact. 

It’s been 2 months since I last ran. I attempted to run 2 hours ago and I felt horrible. Horrible because 2km felt exhausting with the heat and the lack of discipline made me feel a whole lot worse. So I did Cassey’s Blogilates Pop Pilates for 30 minutes on my yoga mat trying to make myself feel better, and reading up on the whole clean eating thing trying to make sense of when I should actually start. 

It is now that I should abstain and quit alcohol, that includes beer because it’s not going to help in getting a better body. Check out Blogilates and IYfit - My daily must-reads/ follow, especially this semester kicked off to a really slow start. I’m hungry. See ya’ll in school! 

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