Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Equinox High Tea with Family

My mom brought my family and ju out to have high tea together on one Saturday. We were lounging on the 70th floor of Swissotel (The Stamford) away from the heat and the scorching sun. I love Swissotel, if you haven’t noticed, with 2 consecutive years of birthday celebrations and casual dinners, it never really left me to be honest. 

The food served during high tea was generally fine, besides the low variety and less sumptuous as compared to dinner - I’d recommend the Laksa and their hand made Prata if you’re interested! Not a food guru, not someone who would go out of the way to frequent new and constant popping of cafes, and definitely someone who prefers dining with good company and food instead. 

I’m so sick from talking about school, and ever since I stopped my part-time job it feels like I’m unable to handle my bursting expenditure on online shopping again. I went into ASOS, checked out 3 items… I went into GoJane, and ordered a pair of shoes from a spree. All. In. An. Hour. Now I’m guilty and will not think of those expenses until my items arrive. 

Syu made a reservation for 3 at Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton) tonight for Shenn and I. Now isn’t a really good time to all have buffet, after the 2 consecutive teppansteamboat cravings I made ju satisfy with me… Syu always has her ways of persuading me.

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