Friday, August 10, 2012

SoC Oweek 2012

To sum up my whole Computing Orientation Week 2012 experience… Being a part of this committee was one of the best things that happened this year - The meticulous process which spanned across 10 months of planning and the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that followed the execution, has finally ended. I cannot possibly thank each and everyone enough for this whole enjoyable and memorable journey I had in Computing, but looking at all the faces (all the sweat and glory) I know they liked what the committee has planned out for them.

Marketing committee (Alvin and I) efforts for securing the sponsorship and venue which paid off at Wavehouse Sentosa last Wednesday was almost kick ass. The finale pageant contestants were spontaneous and everyone made it almost perfect. My first ever event that was planned and materialized made me feel… Important in a way. And getting up to stage to present a prize as the Marketing Director was such an experience. 

I loved my whole committee for this (All parts of the committee) for the super fun and shag times, thanking Samuel, Zhi Kai and Eugene for the moments they captured, Jordus (Owner of WeAreRubbish) who sponsored the ladies apparels and beach wear as seen above, and Sherman whom helped us to DJ our night away…

Thank you guys for this milestone :)

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