Thursday, October 11, 2012

If I could fly

Here's a song that I'm hooked onto and I'd love to share with you guys.

The past few days of e-learning week had been nothing but hectic. I love strange conversations with my uncle. Each time we have a conversation together I never fail to walk out of the car feeling inspired, more competent and worthy of myself, and that no one is competent at knowing everything that is taught or learnt, but practice makes it perfect. Imagine. Imagine you're doing something that you're already fluent with, over and over again - No books, nothing you don't know because it's something that you've mastered at the back of your hands. But knowledge isn't.

He asked me, "Do you still understand the concepts and what you've been taught once you've shut your textbook and stashed your notes? Or when your semester is over? Are you able to apply it, to life?" Honestly at this fast-paced stage, I can't. It's like web design. I used to require so much help, with books, with google, with practice. And I believe with more time and practice, everyone can. So can you.

Be inspired, feel inspired. You deserve it.

By the way, I've worked out my portfolio site and it's available for viewing now! Thank you everyone for your support thus far, and a few sites which I've yet to put up, please bear with me :) And X-factor's on! You guessed it pretty much, I need my daily dosage of TV programmes, ta!

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