Monday, October 29, 2012

Lunch at Graze

Graze, Rochester Park

My dad was back in town three weeks back, and I had to bring my family to Rochester Park after a few dining experiences with my friends - Da Paolo and Roast. We wanted to try something else and found Graze, a few meters away from the French restaurant which was filled with families and their kids.

I went with simple and the ordinary lunch platter - served with cold cuts, smoked salmon, duck rillete, cheddar, pickled veg, side salad, mustard, toasted rye. I really loved the idea how the mixes were served in mini glass bottles, but such a hassle to eat with - still loved it anyway. My dad went with the bone-in leg lamb chop on the BBQ menu which he thought was really nasty and nice. It felt like he came back for a food-trip, and his daughters suddenly became like gluttons in a span of a few months. Not entirely true.

My gym regime has came to a halt, I barely have time to deal with this shape now (Excuses) but I wished I could work with the impossible. My entries have been none other than lusterless and I promise I will update it once in a while... Most assignments are almost due, major exams are also coming up so fast, and fretting over some other kind surprise.

I hope you'll have a good week! Monday is almost ending :)

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