Friday, October 5, 2012

The daily

My daily swag.

The past 2 months have been pretty stagnant, and work was pretty much constant. No live feeds, no new inspirations and no flamboyant pictures. And I'm sorry. So as you can see, I have re-worked the whole web and have split it into 2 huge categories that I used to once lump them up together. It's a Saturday and my dad have came and went - a week had passed, so much had passed and all the weight I've put on.

My comment form is still pretty nasty, and I'm full from trying to figure out the settings for blogger once again. As you've remembered I had an archive of posts on the once old and current domain, but I've finally affirmed my decision that change it is. So I did. Jolted up from bed, missed sending my dad off to the airport, and worked on the sites for less than the day.

I'll get the non-working links up as soon as I find time again, but if you'd like to tell me you're still here, drop me a comment on my formspring (above) or email me personally to say hi xx Oh by the way, I've added a bloglovin' link (on the left) that you can easily read and follow.

I'll see you soon I promise!

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