Monday, October 8, 2012

The exhausted

A black-and-white image entails the current mundane incoherent student life I currently have. A day covered in slightly higher PSI, a fairly lit tree and a parked jeep.

It was on a Sunday that my OCD kicked in pretty badly. I woke up to finish some assignments, wanted to start on an almost due web project but ended up packing my entire room (again) and re-shifted some of the furnitures while packing the shoe closet. I now have my table facing the window and my macbook placed right at the corner. There's definitely something I love about having L-shaped workstations.

And the best thing about having to send my sister for a birthday celebration in town? I get free salmon sushi brought home shared between Justin and I. Definitely watching Taken on 5 now.

Taking a break!

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