Monday, November 26, 2012

Asian B.Pepper Chicken w/ Pasta

Exam mess is here and I can’t seem to calm myself down – Fact that I over-prepared for an econs paper (which pretty much deserved it by the way) and under-prepared for my 2 other written papers – sends me constant anxiety attacks. But these 2 days will just fly by, and I my next 5 weeks, a well deserved break, and a Christmas vacation. I cannot honestly wait.

November has been a fruitful month despite all the dark clouds looming. Justin’s 22nd birthday just passed in a jiffy, and also marks our first year together since we were friends 5 years ago. My calendar was jam-packed with all the schedules and study plans I have for myself I barely found time for my lack-of-attention boyfriend, and I’m sorry for that. I hope I have made it up and it would be as bleak, at least for the next 2 years to come.

So last Thursday, in the midst of studying for my econs, I scurried to make a home-cooked meal before he returns from work. And it’s always nice to watch the look on his face, the love you return home for – priceless. This dish I call, Asian Style Stir Fried Black Pepper Chicken with Angel-hair Pasta.

See you all, in 2 days :)

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  1. Looks so yummy!!!
    Im your new follower!


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