Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Deepavali

At Pov's :)

We have different strengths, and strengths that vary in the process of creating our identity. More often than not, we put up tough fights with the daily mental struggles, our hearts racing like a cyclotron. The unrelenting ice-storm will pass and the day will come, again. Here I am, like any other. I don't want to stop trying, I don't want to stop at the weight that feels heavy just because I couldn't breathe. Sometimes we make mistakes in life, but because we were blinded by the things we thought we believed in, things that we thought were once beautiful.

Life is not a bed of roses, neither is school work a string of 'A's. I've placed this comfort so close to my heart to rationalize the reason behind my failure, and the reasons why I can only be mediocre. Yet I'm trying, and I want to make a difference, that the once-destroyed gets a chance to re-live a beautiful life. As poppies wither, seasons change... They will finally grow and blend into the picture perfect world again. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Self-proclaimed day of rest today, and am glad Asian Marketing module is officially over yesterday. Now onto Econs - Thst I'm giving myself the second chance. I will not be defeated, and I will stand tall. I could really need a full body massage and face revitalization right now. Too worn from everything :(


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