Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giveaway winner + Hong Kong bound!

Giveaway Winners!

I'd just want to say a big thank you to all who have took time and effort to join my giveaway in this post here! I would still want to keep in contact with each and every one of you, regardless it's Facebook or Twitter!

So... Rafflecopter has selected 2 winners at random and they are:
1. Hebe Nicholls (Santa pen + 2013 diary)
2. Kristin (Xmas pen + 8 mini polaroids)

Thank you for participating in this giveaway, and I promise more surprises in future!

Hong Kong Bound!

Boots from Forever 21, Cardigan from Hong Kong

It's been a year since I returned from Hong Kong (again), but the constant desire to be back is overwhelming. I depart on Saturday this week! Shinn's guest post (Madeofballoons) for Newindecember will be scheduled to be updated while I'm away, and I hope you'll find joy reading it :)

As 2012 draws to a close which marks the end of another hectic academic year, I have nonetheless been exposed to countless of opportunities to improve on what I've bagged with me. These years of writing and blogging have bestowed me with bountiful amazing memories than I can ever remember, and I don't wish to stop just yet. The end of 2012 may probably be the start of another milestone in my life (I hope), and I can't thank my amazing family and friends enough to see me through - The hurdles, big or small.

Have another great week ahead!


  1. I stopped by last night and browsed through your posts. Your blog/photos are amazing!!! Thank you for stopping by and following, I'm doing the same. Looking forward to reading more! :)

  2. Sweet giveaway! Have a wonderful trip. Let's follow each other on GFC! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Oh wow I won :) that's so cool :) how do I claim the prize? :L x

  4. Wow, I won, that's awesome! I'll reply to your email right away, thanks so much for the sweet giveaway! :D



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