Friday, December 28, 2012

Guest Post from Shinn - Hello Snow!

I was kindly asked to do a guest post by my dear friend Jolene for her blog NEWINDECEMBER which just turned 2 years old! She wanted me to share about my experiences in Lausanne and probably a bit about Christmas. Well, there would be a lot of posts to mention about all these thus I decided to narrow it down to the topic: Snow for this post!

I’ve been in Lausanne, Switzerland for one and a half years already, time really flew past too quickly. I’m now experiencing my second winter of my life, as a Singaporean who experiences the four seasons of hot, very hot, humid and rain. My first experience with snow was just a year ago when I first entered Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland as a direct entry student but at that time, I did not manage to play with snow that much as I expected myself to since I was busy studying! But now that I am getting used to the curriculum, winter time means snow is play and play is snow!

Right now in December, the entire Switzerland becomes fluffy white because… snow is here! I was asked a question by my French professor last week “So.. as a Singaporean, how are you liking snow?” Initially I thought it was a rather weird and abrupt question to ask though relevant since I do not experience winter in Singapore. But again I gave it a second thought, indeed.. I asked myself if I liked snow…


Do you feel the happiness in me as I attempt to do my snow angel? ;)

Snow can be troublesome.. imagine all that slush and wetness by the roadsides. Snow can bring about danger to cars on the roads which is really a worrying issue especially when the school is on a higher altitude than Lausanne.

But snow has brought so so so much magic and happiness in my life.

  • I love playing snow ball fights!


Although I’m always the one aimed at and my snowballs pretty much fail to hit my friends as I plan for them to.

  • I feel so happy for children and their families who enjoy their sledging rides on snowy slopes!


  • I still enjoy taking the beautiful scenery of Switzerland even though snow is just white.



And most importantly, when there’s snow.. it also means Christmas is here and Christmas markets are definitely happening! Time for some Christmas shopping~

One of the nearest Christmas Markets we have from Lausanne is Montreux’s Noel which is a stretch of stalls along Geneva Lake. You have snowglobes, bookmarks, candies



and definitely not missing out on food: Crepes, Churros, Raclette, Saucisse de Veau… the list goes on anyway. I basically settle my dinners at the Christmas markets :)


And with that.. I hope the readers of NEWINDECEMBER and MADEOFBALLOONS will get the chance to see snow one day (if you have not) and continue to appreciate snow in some way or another!


Christmas in 15 days’ time and here’s an early greeting to all:


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  1. i enjoyed the beautiful photos! makes me want to visit there some day. happy holidays :)


    1. Sorry I didn't see this in time, but thank you! I really hope you'll have the chance to visit Switzerland and play with snow one day! It's definitely worth a visit if you'd like to relax and enjoy its beautiful nature.

      Thank you Jo for giving me this honour to write at Newindecember :)


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