Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our day in film (Lomo redscale)

Just a few images of what I took on my roll of film a few months back. Taken with a Lomo Redscale XR Negative. It was my first attempt in using a redscale film and there are many other factors that I did not take note of; sunlight, exposure length, shutter speed... I hope my next roll will turn out less red than the first!

It was a weekend to remember. The morning air smelled like pancakes in the kitchen when the boy decided to sleep in. He's not exactly in the zone for early breakfast, neither was he exactly in the mood to be baked in the sun for a walk near the coast. But he got up for both, commented on another best breakfast, and ferried us to the coast. It was a long walk when serenity hung around for a while. The still-set waters, the sky-scraped trees, and a little monkey to keep us company.

The view we looked out to, and the view that I missed. It's been a year, and I like how backdated films have this ability to make us share our story.


  1. I just finally bought film for my diana F recently which I've had for over a year now!

    can't wait to get the first roll of film developed (although I think I might have loaded it funny and as a result ruined the film)

    thanks for stopping by my blog =)



  2. Jo, these photos are excellent!!! The red scale give it a completely different feel - very cool!

  3. Beautiful pictures, I love the texture (if that makes sense?) it gives off!

  4. These are pretty neat! Love film! And I love when the apartment fills with the smell of pancakes~

  5. Fantastic photos! These make me miss the grain and texture of film. And what a gorgeous view. Must've been hard to leave it behind.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Gorgeous photos - sounds like a great weekend! x, Kat


  7. Hey, just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check my blog <3



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