Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taking control of all that matters

It's been a week of grief, and here I am telling the voice in my head to forget what had happened, relive the happiest memories, and to take control of all that matters. Self-motivation is interesting. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel different from the last - so you jump out of bed, get changed into your workout gear, go for a run, grab a snack and a healthy breakfast, all in an hour. Splendid productivity. That's what happened this morning.

A 4km run, a flight of 40 high-stepped stairs, and a 100 side-to-side abs raise with a 3lb weight.


  1. I find that sometimes exercise can be the best remedy! I currently have an injury so am off exercise for a little bit, and it is driving me crazy

    1. Sometimes it is! I hope you're on your road to recovery already :( Not being able to exercise/ do your normal routine does indeed drive one crazy; your mood gets bad, you get lazy and you lose everything you started with. Speedy recovery, please get well jamie!


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